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Plan Well to Maximize Business Sale

When a business owner makes the decision to sell, no matter what the reasoning, the goal of selling is to maximize the proceeds that the owner will receive from the sale. Because this will be one of the most important transactions that a business owner will ever take part in, they should approach it with…

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Selling your Business?

If you are thinking about selling your business, you are not alone. According to the International Business Brokers Association, approximately 50 percent of all businesses in the United States will be changing hands in the next decade. For most business owners, their business represents the majority of their net worth, and in consideration of such…

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Choosing the Right Business to Acquire

Once you have decided to buy a business, it is important to find the right business first before worrying about the price. Never base your search criteria simply on finding a good deal because you will find yourself ultimately in a place you don’t want to be. The price must be considered secondary to your…

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