Exit Planning

Business Exit Stories Podcast Interview

Recently I was introduced to Marvin L Storm. Marvin has a podcast titled Business Exit Stories, and he wanted me to share some of the experiences from our office on the subject matter from a business brokers perspective. Some of the transactions we discussed include: A business owner’s reluctance to sign a long-term lease nearly…

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Advice To Help Get Your Business Ready To Sell

You have finally decided that the time is right to sell your business.  The market is still strong, banks are lending, and you have a compelling reason to sell.  Now what?  You need to get your business in shape prior to listing it for sale.  Here are some pointers that can help get you ready.…

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Determining the Value of a Business – Get it Right from the Beginning

If you have ever watched the popular MSNBC show The Shark Tank, you have witnessed the Sharks grilling the participants on the valuations that they have placed on their businesses.  In the real world of business transfers/sales, business owners can expect the same type of scrutiny.  In a previous post we wrote about four questions…

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