Consider Using a Business Broker

"Why You Should Seriously Consider Using a Business Broker "

Business Brokers are trained professionals that will guide business owners through the selling process, which culminates with the successful sale of a business. With this in mind, it is important to understand what services they provide, as well as what they cannot do. 

As your business broker, I can help you determine the fair market value of your business and how to structure the deal so that it is appealing to buyers and meets the expectations of the seller. We also screen and find qualified buyers for your business, work with the seller and buyer during the negotiation and due diligence, and through all of the other steps of the selling process until the deal is closed. 

A business broker is not usually able to sell a business that is overpriced. In most cases, businesses are able to realize a higher selling price and make it to the closing table if they are priced right, and the deal is set up properly. In the end, the market determines what a business will sell for. Finally, the terms of the deal, such as the amount of the down payment required, terms of financing (seller or bank), will influence the selling price and whether or not the business sells.

In the case of our office, we offer a no cost and no obligation consultation that is completely confidential. The only cost to you is some of your time. Please take us up on this offer.

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